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Apex Steel Structures has been in the industry, both locally and in Africa, for more than 10 years. 

Our business foundations revolve around quality, service and experience, ensuring that our customers receive excellent value for money.  

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and planning through the management of the entire project.

Based in Pietermaritzburg/KZN, our development area currently is the Eastern Cape area/division. We also service the Free State, Western Province, Gauteng and Northern Province.

What We Do

Apex Steel Structures plans, designs, fabricates and installs custom built steel structures for a wide variety of industries including community, agriculture and commerce.

At Apex Steel Structures we take the time and effort to plan with the client to ensure an end result that is customised to each project and perfectly suited to the needs of the environment, whether it be community, agricultural or residential. Since we know that building a new structure is a considerable investment for our clients, we strive to deliver a solution that is cost-effective, customised and planned according to specific deadlines.

All structures are signed off by our customers, once they are satisfied with the end product. An Engineer’s certificate is then issued

We believe in the quality, flexibility and sustainability of our product for the following reasons:

Strong & Customisable Design

Steels inherent strength allows for custom architectural solutions and flexibility of design.

Able to Withstand the Elements

Portal steel structures are the perfect solution for extreme environmental conditions.


Low Environmental Impact

Steel portal frames last longer and create minimal raw material waste. At the end of the steels long life it can also be recycled. 


Faster Construction Timelines

Steel structures can be erected faster than any other construction format, this usually results in faster return for clients.


Flexible & Easy to Adapt & Expand

Steel buildings can be easily extended by adding or adapting the structures.



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